Outreach & Care Group Ministry Software

Everything you need to turn a “one-night-each-week” outreach program into a seven-day-a-week outreach ministry.

What Is OutreachLink?

OutreachLink is a web based interactive program to help your outreach team members and your care group ministry coordinators. OutreachLink organizes and simplifies the distribution and response process of your church’s guest and prospect information. Plus, it adds the missing link of accountability to all outreach and care group ministry activities.

How Does OutreachLink Work?

OutreachLink is the first and only web-based program of its type. It is an outreach ministry tool designed to enhance any and all structured outreach ministry programs that are currently used by churches today. It consists of two custom designed login sites. One login site is for the designated church’s outreach coordinator/administrator, and the second is a login site for all outreach team members. The purpose of the program is to provide churches with a more timely and efficient option for the distribution and follow-up response of church guest and prospect’s information.

What Is Our Goal?

Our goal is to help you achieve a more successful church outreach ministry and be affordable for any size church. In our development, we worked to provide a program that would be very user friendly to individual church members with little computer experience without compromising the program’s effectiveness and essential features. With this in mind, we’ve created the best program possible that would accomplish our goals, and your church’s success in implementing our program.

Ten Ways OutreachLink will Enhance Your Outreach Ministry.
1) Increases outreach team member participation
2) Eliminates schedule conflicts for participating outreach team members
3) Provides a convenient and easy way to distribute guest and prospect information
4) Provides a simpler and faster method to report and turn in follow-up responses
5) Shortens the response time for following-up with your guests and prospects
6) Assures that no guests or prospects will be over-looked
7) Tracks the progress of the follow-up process
8) Provides Pastors and outreach coordinators with a quality report of the follow-up response
9) Works with and enhances any structured outreach ministry program (FAITH, G.R.O.W., etc.)
10) Increases overall outreach ministry efficiency and success

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