Calendar, Event, and Facilities Management Tools

SchedulerLink:  Your church staff will have access, through a password protected login, to a dashboard and control panel for easy management and setup. Anyone visiting your church’s website will be able to view a beautifully designed and personalized calendar that will include details for all activities scheduled throughout the church. When scheduling a specific meeting or event, you may choose to require signup and registration, online payments, or simply to view the event details. One unique feature of registration is that an individual can request to be added to a waiting list if the maximum capacity for an event has been reached. Volunteers and staff work schedules can be posted with a convenient lookup and print option.

The facility management features are customized to your church’s specific layout of rooms and buildings, tracking and assuring that a location is available and whether it will meet the needs of a particular meeting or event. In addition, a variety of reports are available to your staff with options for printing when needed.

NOTE: Our video demo and documentation pictures have not been updated with our current version.

“Affordable, user friendly, and designed by others who share your heart for outreach. Kudos to C.A.A. Ministries.”
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