checkinlink CheckinLink®

Released June 2016, “Child Check-In” is NOW AVAILABLE!

Our CheckinLink® module provides a complete, web-based check-In system.

There is no limit to the number of children, parents or guardians on the system.

Parents can check-in their child, and have a secure means of ensuring only

someone authorized will be able to pick-up their child later. Check-in can be

accomplished with our mobile APP, touchscreens or by the traditional keyboard approach, and

labels for the parent and child are printed with a standard DYMO label printer.

Churches can optionally track check-in times and locations, and gather visitor

check-in data too! CheckinLink integrates directly with our MemberLink Plus,

and is available for a very low add-on subscription price, or included with MemberLink Gold.

Contact us today to see a free demo!