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Salem Review

Dr. Steve R. Parr

Author & Executive Director
Gwinnett Metro Baptist Network

    You know that the lost are in need of a Savior. You know that your desire is to be effective in evangelism and outreach. You have the “Commission” and you possess God’s power. Check out ChurchMemberLink.com to discover tools to help you to reach out, to share the Good News, and to make a connection. Affordable, user friendly, and designed by others who share your heart for outreach. Kudos to C.A.A. Ministries for developing such practical resources.

    Dr. Tim S. Smith

    Director of Missions

    Floyd County Baptist Association

      Most churches have a desire to make a difference. They want to reach people and they want to do a better job taking care of those that they’ve reached. If most churches have the desire but most are not growing and healthy what is the reason? What I’ve discovered is that most churches don’t have a plan or system in place that they are consistently working to make their desires come true. That’s why I want to encourage you to look at using churchmemberlink.com. I’ve known Mike Turner and the staff at CAA Ministries for many years and I’ve seen first hand how their system can assist churches, classes and congregations in becoming what God desires.”

      Their system is easy to use. All you need is an internet connection. Their system is very affordable. Any church or even class can afford this tool! Most importantly, this tool will work. The key for you as a pastor or a lay-leader is to get a system in place and then to consistently work the system.

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